Phil Coleman

Phil started in the music industry when he was 17, playing in pubs around the Rocks in Sydney with his brothers.   He went solo after a few years and started working in blues bands in the mid 80’s.

Phil adapts his performance to suit the occasion and mood of the venue and this is also reflected in the songs that he writes, with an eclectic range of styles.

From performing in a variety of band line ups to his eclectic songwriting, Phils’ repertoire covers folk, country rock, blues, jazz and soul.  His career spans many years, writing and performing with some of the best musicians around Sydney and Canberra, Australia.

Since arriving in the UK he has mainly performed in a few small venues around the UK as a soloist or in blues bands, as his focus was on other priorities in his life.

Phil is now in the process of developing his skills as a songwriter and is looking forward to expanding his horizons in the music industry.

He has also realised, after several years, how much music means to him and how it has been the key to keeping his life balanced.

Next Steps…

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Latest News:

Phil’s album “The Gift” has been release this month to coincide with the launch of his Autobiography, “The Gift”, which gives an insight of his life while he was on dialysis and what he went through over the 16 years before he received the gift of life.

The album is a collection of songs that Phil wrote while he was on dialysis and was produced for his sister to thanks her for her gift.

Phil will be releasing the song that he wrote after he received the successful transplant will be later in 2017.

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